Jessica Townsend

Dr Jessica Townsend

Jessica Townsend

Senior Clinical Psychologist specialising in assessing and supporting those with neurodevelopmental conditions

Dr Jessica Townsend is a chartered clinical psychologist, specialising in working with individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions, including Autism, ADHD and learning disabilities. Jessica acts as a lead clinician for neurodevelopmental assessments at Harwood Child Psychology.  

Jessica has many years of experience working with children and adults with neurodiversity, as well as those with mental health difficulties. Throughout her career she has worked in a variety of settings, including inpatient and outpatient NHS services, research studies and forensic services, meaning she is confident working with highly varied presentations and a range of clinical severity. Jessica continues to work as a senior clinical psychologist within the NHS, alongside her private practice. She currently works in a NHS community learning disability service, where she helped to set up their autism and ADHD assessment pathways.  

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Jessica recognises the challenges in feeling ‘heard’ or ‘listened to’ that can be associated with neurodevelopmental conditions, and her warmth and compassion lends itself well to ensuring this can happen. She works really hard to develop warm and compassionate relationships with those who do not find it easy to open up to clinicians.  

Alongside her professional experience, Jessica is also a specialist by experience, having been a lifelong carer to a first degree relative with Autism. She is particularly interested in hearing the stories of families of those with ASC, learning about the impact of neurodiversity within both the individual and their wider support systems. Jessica feels her personality and life experiences mean she has an appreciation of the challenges that can be associated with neurodiversity, but also the many strengths a person can present with. This is something she always attempts to recognise within assessments. Jessica is extremely passionate about improving the lives of those with neurodiversity and their families, holding this as a core value within her work.  

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