ADHD Support for Parents

Extraordinary Parenting - ADHD

“A programme to support parents with a new diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)”

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Dear parents and carers,

We know navigating the period before and after a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be a rollercoaster of different emotions, fears and worries for parents. We want to make sure you are supported as you learn to help your child to understand the world around them. We hope that by helping you to understand ADHD and by sharing what we have learnt along the way, you will be able to better understand how your child experiences the world and therefore find ways to make their home and school life easier.

To make sure that this course is tailored to your child’s exact needs, you will be one to one with our ADHD specialist psychologist.

This programme has been co-produced with Nadine Kendall. Nadine brings years of experience working as a parenting and neurodiversity specialist at King’s College London and in the NHS. Nadine has lived experience of navigating a diagnosis, following the diagnosis of her son. She is extremely well connected in the neurodiversity world and hopes to be able to pass on to you what she has learnt along the way.


Our aims:

  • To help you understand the way your child sees the world, learning more about the way they think, process and relate in the world through the lens of ADHD.
  • To help you to learn how to support your child navigating and understanding the neurotypical world around them.
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What we hope you will learn:

  • What is ADHD and what does it mean for your family.
  • What is executive functioning and why it is so important with ADHD.
  • How to support your child emotionally.
  • Understanding how sensory needs might impact how your child experiences the world.
  • How to build your child’s self-esteem and increase your confidence as a parent.
  • How to manage meltdowns and children who are quick to anger.
  • How a child with ADHD often needs a different style of parenting.
  • What extra support there is out there for parents including important organisations, charities and support services.

The Extraordinary Parenting - ADHD programme is run over 4 sessions, the first lasting 1.5 hours and the subsequent 3 each lasting for one hour. The content will be tailored to your child and situation, but the topics to be covered will include:

1. Your family and ADHD: What does ADHD mean for your family?

  • Exploring your story and what you have tried so far
  • The strengths and challenges of your child
  • What ADHD means for your child
  • What is Executive Function and why does this matter?

2. Understanding my ADHD child’s feelings

  • How emotions are different with ADHD
  • Denying feelings
  • Validating feelings
  • Helping Anxiety
  • Helping anger

3. Understanding sensory needs and meltdowns

  • What are my child's sensory needs?
  • How might the senses be different in ADHD?
  • How might the senses impact behaviour with ADHD?
  • How can we use our children's behaviour to understand their needs?
  • Managing meltdowns

4. Improving your child’s self-esteem and your confidence as a parent

  • Parenting guilt – why do we feel it?​
  • How to look after ourselves as parents​
  • How to avoid the negative attention trap with our kids​
  • Labels that stick​
  • Praise – how we can use it, and how to do it effectively​
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Don’t worry if you don’t manage to take all of this in. We will give you a resource pack at the end which will contain all of the information from the sessions plus a lot more useful information.

Where: All sessions to take place on zoom.

Cost: £495. This includes the first session, which is 1.5 hours long, the next 3 sessions which are 1 hour long, plus all of the resources from the sessions plus an extra resources pack full of hand-picked tools, which many parents say are invaluable.

Note: We do a combined autism and ADHD course for parents of children with both diagnoses. This is a 6 session course. The first session is 1.5 hours long. Total cost including resource pack: £715

Once your course finishes, if you need ongoing parenting support or top up sessions from time to time, this can be arranged. Cost £120 per hour session with Nadine.

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