Clinical Psychology

Our hourly rate is £185. Nearly all therapy/follow on sessions are one hour.


There is a £10 supplement to see Dr Harwood in the evenings. Evening is 5pm onwards.


There is a £15 supplement for all weekend appointments with all clinicians.


Screening appointments for neurodevelopmental conditions are charged at £220 and last 1 hour. A clear plan will be made with you during the screening appointment. If a report is needed this will be charged seperately.


For neurodevelopmental assessment costs, see the specialist assessment tabs on our website.


For Consultant Child Psychiatry fees and appointment types, Click Here


We can accept insurance for ADHD and autism assessments, but will need written confirmation that the insurance company will cover our FULL assessment cost.


To avoid the inevitable long delays whilst using insurance for assessments, please self-pay up front to secure your appointments. We will provide receipts and insurance companies do then reimburse.

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